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Animals Legislation Amendment (Animal Care)

I have to admit my understanding of it is poor, but from the little I have read, docked, debarked, or any animal with a hereditary condition is in the firing line and it may soon be illegal to own, sell or exhibit such?   That means any dog that makes it possible to pass on HD.  Any natural bob tail, any breed that has the dwarfism gene - achondroplasia (short limbs).   Any dog that makes it possible to pass on PRA.  Any dog that makes it possible to pass on any hereditary disease will be illegal to own, sell or exhibit.   We can kiss goodbye to over half of dog breeds if this goes through - labrador retrievers, cocker spaniels, corgis, basset hounds.  In fact, most of the retrievers are gone.  Most of the toy dogs are gone (PRA).  Because according to this proposed amendment, it is an act of cruelty to breed a dog that may cause health defects in the offspring.

How much of a step is it then to brachycephalic breeds being illegal?  Goodbye all pugs and cavs etc.

Exhibit does not just mean dog showing.  It means obedience.  It means agility, flyball, frisbee, guide dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, fire dogs and on and on. 

Link to the bill amendment details

What is most needed is Victorian bums on seats at meetings, letters etc.  The VCA doesn't appear to be wanting to do anything to stop this going ahead so a number of organisations, including the MDBA are working together to oppose this move.  It appears that there are many in positions of power who also oppose this move  (within government), but they need our support to ensure there are enough votes against it.

We stood back and watched tail docking banned.  We stood back and watched BSL approved.  Let us NOT stand back and watch them enforce yet another step towards no pet ownership ever.

There is a possibility that to Joe Bloe on the streets, this sounds like a good thing.  Why shouldn't we only breed dogs that can't pass on problems.  Joe Bloe doesn't understand genetics, or how hard breeders are trying to wipe out these problems - how successful some have been through genetic testing etc.  They don't understand how recessive genes can be carried and suddenly appear from seemingly nowhere.  When that happens now, Mr Breeder who has dedicated 30 plus years to breeding OUT this disease, is suddenly prosecuted by the RSPCA for cruelty.

Apparently there will be a meeting at the Greensborough KC at KCC Park this Sunday (tomorrow) to discuss and plan. Will be held during the lunch break.

I will post updates when and  how I  hear them of meeting etc.  Please do not just sit back and watch this happen.  If you love your dog, no matter what the breed, you NEED to take action now.  Or one day, in the near future, it may just be illegal for you to own him/her.

Please bring Axle home

Axle escaped from a supposedly secure holiday house in Katoomba NSW (Blue Mountains area) on October 2, 2007 while he and his owner, a young man by the name of Michael, were on holidays from Queensland. If you see Axle, please get him - he may be scared, but he does love humans and will likely be hungry. He was last sighted Wed night (a week ago) outside the RSL and school area but has not been reported seen since. Michael is doing an enormous advertising/lost campaign throughout the Blue Mountains with adverts on poles, boards, youtube, letterbox drop for flyers, contacting police, taxi companies, bus companies, bush walking clubs, cycling clubs, schools, flyers in shops etc - pretty much anywhere he can think of. He is desperate to have his best mate home again.

Sep. 12th, 2007

Happy birthday Syd!!!

Hope it's a good one.

Uni results are in!

2 credits and 2 distinctions - very happy girl here today :D
All 3 puppies


The stash (Minnie collar from the 2 other girls here, card signed by everyone, 2 snoods and ziwipeak treats from me, balloon from Nanny).

Happy birthday to my darling girl

Minnie Moo is 10 today.

We're having a party ;) Yes, I'm one of THOSE dog owners. Not quite that bad though. This is just a good excuse for us adults to get together and let the puppies play.

Photos will come later.
I'm annoyed.

habibekindheart has been talking about crewel and I really want to try it but can't find anywhere in Aus that has suitable 'beginner' kits.

Bah humbug.

Edit - Habibe, how hard would this one be to do? http://www.dragonflydreams.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8308

I LOVE this one, but it says it's for more accomplished - http://www.dragonflydreams.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8305
My puter was just ordered :D

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